Nature reserve Midden-Delfland

Nature reserve Midden-Delfland is only a ten-minute drive away from Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4. The area is a true oasis of typical Dutch polder landscapes, green cycling and walking routes and wonderful recreational sites. Due to its central location between Delft, Schiedam and The Hague, the nature reserve is the perfect place to escape the busy city life. Nature reserve Midden-Delfland has a lot to offer, and we are happy to help you on your way! 

Walking and cycling

Nature reserve Midden-Delfland has beautiful areas that are ideal for a lovely walk or bike ride. The Hof van Delfland walking route network spreads over fourteen municipalities and has a length of 980 kilometres. You can create your own walking and cycling route using the Midden-Delfland junction system. At the reception of Van der Valk Hotel Delft A4 you can find cycling routes or rent a bicycle. Take a route through the Zuidbuurt for example, a traditional Dutch landscape where you move along a dike road with monumental farms on both sides. The Oeverbos is a wonderful place to cycle or walk through and look out over the river Het Scheur. Whether you pick a route through one of the young forests or a winding polder landscape, each area has its own character. 

Recreation in National Park Midden-Delfland 

There are several recreational areas in the Midden-Delfland nature reserve. From fishing to rollerblading, no activity is too crazy here! For example, you can take a refreshing dip in one of the water lakes of Kraaiennest or have a picnic in the cozy Krabbepark. It is possible to sail and canoe on the many ditches and canals in the nature reserve. There are whisper boats and canoes for rent at various places or opt for a boat tour. In addition, Midden-Delfland is bustling with archaeology and cultural history. Museums in the area cherish the history of the former inhabitants and every museum tells its own local story. Museum De Schilpen tells the story of a former grocery store and in museum Het Tramstation you can dive into the history of the Westlandse Stoomtramweg Company. 


There is also a lot to experience for kids in the Midden-Delfland nature reserve. There are several playgrounds and petting zoos in the area. There are catering establishments at the large playground locations, making it a wonderful place to stay for parents as well.